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We are proud hobby breeders of both AKC and UKC Standard Poodles, and we are located in sunny Florida. We take great pride in producing superior Standard Poodle puppies for sale that can very quickly become both companions and family members for all. We have been breeding quality poodles for twelve years. Our Poodle pups are home-raised (in house and under foot is more the word) right along with our own children. All of our Standard Poodle pups are from AKC-registered breeding parents, and all include solid health guarantees. Also, all of our loving pups are already Vet-checked before leaving, just to ensure that your family receives a happy and healthy puppy; and we are proud to set ourselves apart from others in many ways. Why settle for less in a family companion when you can acquire the very best in breed from Carpenter–Caro Poodles?


It is well-known that truly responsible breeders can be distinguished from others due to the fact that they take great pride in continuing to educate themselves by researching their lines, and by networking with other breeders in the area. Responsible breeders use the best dogs available to them for each breeding cycle, so if a breeder notes they "breed for themselves," you may wish to ask them why? If they claim it's for the betterment of the breed, ask if they have champions. How, after all, could they know they’re breeding a better lineage of pups without previously having produced champions in either conformation or performance events—or both? Do they use sires outside of their own kennels? If in fact they continue breeding the same dogs to the males they already have, they’re probably nothing more than PUPPY MILLS and BACKYARD BREEDERS, an enterprise that is ONLY producing dogs to make money! Improving the breed is knowing what your dog lacks, and seeking out just the right dam or sire that will complement and correct factors for that next generation! As such, a wise consumer should always pledge not to support puppy mills and backyard breeders in all events! In the end, you will usually get what you pay for, and for the most part it will generally be less than expected —and without a good breeding line.


Our Poodles live are raised with our family as pets, not in a kennel. I register puppies with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and all of our pups are carefully supervised while romping outdoors. Why are we always outside with them you might ask … because anything can happen and we are a quite responsible breeding enterprise. We conduct both structured and unstructured playtimes and full training, and all of our poodles are well-groomed and given that special one-on-one attention that only we can! We believe in taking excellent care of our pups because a good, healthy and active dog will give you years of unconditional love and friendship. Our poodles are specifically raised around family and children, and we take them out in public regularly on carefully-observed familiarization outings so that they can begin to get adjusted to different types of people, various types of noises, and we even allow them to enjoy car rides as well. And they all seem to love it!


All puppies are sold with a limited AKC registration on a spay/neuter contract, unless an agreement has been made for breeding with an eye towards showing them in a conformation ring or within your own breeding program.


Our puppies are well-groomed numerous times before being given over to their new owners so they can indeed become well-acquainted with the overall grooming process itself. In addition, each of our pups come with a handsome “puppy-pack” of goodies, a health guarantee and certificate, all requisite vaccinations and worming treatments, and are assured as having a four-generation pedigree and AKC registry. Clearly, all of our pups are happy, highly-socialized and 100% pampered … and why not? We strive to fit just the right puppy to just the right new owner family’s lifestyle and needs.


Carpenter–Caro Poodles  believe it is a blessed, loving and lifelong relationship between dog and owner, and as such it should not at all be taken lightly or at all in haste. Please know that each pup is indeed a new member of your “extended” family and a big commitment, but it is also a relationship that will last for a long, long time! We urge you to do your research and consider carefully, then select us as your most caring breeder!



Thank you,

The Carpenter–Caro Family


***We will post Litters from Studding when Available

***Deposit of $500.00 to hold your poodles are NON REFUNDABLE but are transferable to another litter 

***Travel and Crate goes on weight from $350 to $450 

***FULL AKC only to Approved Breeders

*** There are NO Refunds or Monies returned on Returned Poodles or Poodle Purchased

***ALL Poodles MUST be taken to the Veterinarian with in 3 days of receipt for Health Guarantee to be Vaild

***ANY ONE PAYING WITH  A Credit Card- Will be charged 9% of Total


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