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We here at Carpenter Caro Poodles pride ourselves on being a small hobby breeder that specializes in breeding Standard Poodles that are not only healthy, beautiful and athletic, but that can also serve as "performance" poodles with actual and important jobs in real life. Some of those jobs might include serving as hunting, herding and service dogs; while still others might be used more as medical alert dogs, diabetic alert dogs, PTSD service dogs, Autism service dogs, and even emotional support dogs. Far and away, however, our Poodles do precisely what all Standard Poodles already excel at: looking breathtakingly beautiful for both show and competition venues, while also always serving as great family members as well.


CCP is continually working to preserve its precious and healthy Standard Poodle bloodlines, so all of our Standard Poodle puppies are artisan hand-raised and naturally reared at our home, in a warm and nurturing environment, with the very best healthcare made available to them, ensuring a happy rearing of all of our pups. Carpenter Caro Poodles are bred to be healthy, happy and well adjusted; and come from a diverse and clean pedigree line that can clearly be provenanced. These animals are bred for their even temperament, obedience, ability to learn, and fine companionship qualities. Others of the breed may be expected to perform as service dogs that can then easily be trained and given a proper structure to reinforce both work and play performances, while still always ensuring AKC/UKC show and confirmation.


Over the past few years, CCP has encountered several other breeders, and has even worked with a few. We were pleased (and extremely grateful) to have discovered that many such organizations did in fact share the same focus and common goals as we did within our own organization. Therefore, our small consortium of like-minded breeders continue to keep in touch, to explore new venues, to enjoy an interchange of new and updated information with each other, and to sometimes even share bloodlines. In every event, however, we have all endeavored to continue to work together as friends (and not competitors) because we all collectively embrace the common objective of developing, without question, the very best-of-breed Standard Poodles that we can. 


Welcome to Carpenter Caro Poodles!




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